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And, just perhaps, something else.

  • From September a glut of fungi began to populate forest floors, trees, meadows and fields.

  • Because of these two factors, the date when day and night are exactly equal is called the equilux, which occurs a few days after the autumn equinox.

  • She attended two schools at a younger age: a larger one in the city and a much smaller one in the suburbsā€¦ Even in class.

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan to return in BBC's The Fall

The Southern Hemisphere experiences winter while its northern neighbors chart summer; the north sees the slow blossom of spring while the south brings in the autumn harvest.

  • She is Caucasian, she has a natural physique and a navel piercing.

  • Additionally, light is refracted able to bend which means it begins to appear light before the sun has risen, as well as a few extra minutes of light after the sun has set.

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