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Who did Ally Sheedy marry? (Celebrity Interview)

Cay follows as the talk it over, Shaver telling herself this is a bad idea but when she steps into the bedroom, Charbonneau is already under the covers.

  • Not 12 minutes into to the movie, we are thrust into one of the hottest, steamiest and most realistic girl-on-girl sex scenes ever filmed.

  • In her breakout role, is Betty, a bright-eyed gal coming to Los Angeles to find fame and fortune.

  • Was Ally Sheedy in the Brat Pack? It actually took us two days to shoot that scene.

Ally Sheedy, 51, cuts a youthful figure at awards ceremony nearly 30 years after filming The Breakfast Club

She later went to address the crack in the relationship between Franco and Seth Rogen.

  • She was done changing herself, compromising her values, and taking unchallenging roles just to get parts in big movies.

  • She runs into Rita Laura Harring , an amnesiac who appeared to survive a murder attempt and is hiding out while trying to figure out what to do next.

  • At age 12 she wrote a book, She Was Nice to Mice.