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US Marine is dubbed 'Combat Barbie' for her sexy photoshoots mimicking classic Army pin

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Combat Barbie (Always a Marine, #11) by Heather Long

Photos combat barbie Internet Bombshell

Photos combat barbie Combat Barbie

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US Marine veteran nicknamed 'Combat Barbie' parades her curves in classic pin

But, I think the coolest and most magical part of the whole shoot was when we went on to the beach to shoot our final look of the day the wet yellow sheer bathing suit cover up and as I was walking towards the ocean I saw a single yellow sunflower sitting on the beach by itself.

  • Even when people are rude to me, I still show them kindness and smile at them.

  • Most of them are very personal poems about my life, but once I shared a few with my college Public Speaking class and the whole room applauded.

  • No one believed that a small girly-girl like me could make it, and neither did I.