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Cowboy Bebop Star Has Perfect Response To Faye Valentine Casting Criticism

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The amount of effort these busy-body moderators go to to censor and control discussion is almost unbelievable.

  • Daniella Pineda Hot Pics After graduation, she moved to the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn.

  • Redbeard 101 As long as he doesn't shit talk the fans of the series and berate them like a certain other actress then I will have zero problems with him or how the show turns out.

  • I know how desperate a dozen gaming subreddits are for people to generate content in the form of discussions and just filtration of good and bad submissions.

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And it's disingenuous as hell to pretend it is.

  • Oh you mean the actress who was getting tons of shitty comments because her breasts aren't big enough to be Faye? Daniella Pineda boobs are extremely soft, curvy, and enormous, and her cleavage pics are to die for.

  • I suppose it was inevitable for anime.

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