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Hell did Jemmye do a show since Veronica? Maybe if they get a puzzle.

  • Didn't Kam get 2nd for the girls on the opening challenge of Vendettas and beat Cara who is no slouch? She may need the face of a barely legal teen, however, she has the curves of a hot model.

  • There is no objective answer, especially considering the producers literally don't give a shit what we say.

  • Honest question don't recall but don't think so.

Paisley Porter

When Paula Peril's investigative reports become the talk of the town, rival reporter Veronica Vile steals the spotlight by offering to spend the night in a museum haunted by the ghost of one of city's founding fathers.

  • Is there no way to escape? The Serpent Cult has breached a long-hidden passage to an ancient temple buried for over a thousand years, and only a small group of ragtag mobsters led by Carleoni, Paula, Jimmy, and Memnon stand between them and an invasion by the underworld! I see you, you're the careful buyer.

  • I was like, I need to post my audition.

  • Pencils by Francisco Esquivel, Inks by Sergio Anaya, Colors by Mohan Sivakami, and Letters by Wilson Ramos, Jr.