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7 things you'll never hear a Marine drill instructor say

It seems simple, but there's lots that can go wrong when drilling from wandering drill bits, holes that don't line up, and tear out.

  • A drill sergeant would never lose their military bearing by recording a brawl between a troublesome recruit and another drill sergeant and uploading it to the internet.

  • We encourage submitters to use throwaways to maintain their privacy, but deleting a discussion is unacceptable.

  • I will celebrate the day that she gets her ass kicked out of the Speaker role.

15 Buck Wild Drill Sergeant Quotes to Bring You Back to BasicThe SITREP Military Blog

You say I am Guard, they invite you to dinner.

  • I do like and trust the other coach.

  • What is my overall risk? ClarosVillalta Can you think of any others? Any Active Duty unit has more military experience than the equivalent Guard unit, but the Guard is much better at adapting to situations that would leave an Active unit confused.

  • I was motivated to pole vault in part because of her.

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