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Betsy Brandt On The 'Breaking Bad' Scene She Still Can't Watch

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Betsy Brandt: 'Breaking Bad's' 'Ozymandias' Left Me Completely Hungover

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Betsy Brandt to Star in ABC’s Susannah Grant Drama ‘The Club’

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Kyle Richards, 52, admits she is being 'thirsty' as she shows off her incredible bikini body

Then in the Fullscreen release of The Break-Up, when her character saunters around her apartment naked to drive her ex wild, we get a pretty great view of her butt.

  • She has appeared in a movie called Trauma is a Time Machine, and her performance was top-notch in the film.

  • During their vacation, they were seen taking part in a birthday feast, watching a firedancer and wearing matching swimsuits emblazoned with the wording 'Teddi 1981'.

  • The stars documented the celebration which lasted for several days on their Instagram pages.

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Rachel was his costar in a movie called Dreamhouse.

  • She and her husband, Grady Olsen, had two children.

  • They dated for a long seven years before they split in 2001.

  • A thriller where her character stalks her former lover, the sex scene provided our only look at her disrobed and although she is supposed to frighten us in the film, her tits are glorious.