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Married with Children

Don't forget the nerd tag-along who serves as comic relief! Bearse's lesson is to share his vision and allow others too to make their personal contributions.

  • Sure, Al made some quips about race here and there, but he also worked alongside his black friend, Griff, and even glanced at issues of.

  • In another episode, Marcy's lesbian cousin Mandy visits, and she becomes best friends with Al.

  • Tim Robbins is a butthole, Cameron Dye is a butthole, Leigh McCloskey is a butthole, Amanda Bearse is a butthole, and John Vernon is a butthole I guess those last two aren't a surprise.

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Tami Roman then Al kicks himself when he convinces Aaron Mitchell to end his relationship with Angie, who he finds out too late is actually the perfect woman.

  • It was an odd thing to say for a man who was starring on a popular show that was celebrated for being pro-gay.

  • He seemed really proud of that fact, even 20 years later.

  • When this episode aired in 1996, 19 years prior to her transition, Jenner had already been dabbling with her transition, according to her.